Hey guys I want to know what your favorite character is or who you think is the best in battle!

In my opinion I think Ian is the best character or sadness but I want to know what y’all think…

Quackerjack is my favorite.

Wasabi is one of the best damage dealers in the game because he ignores defense with white, blue, and purple skills, but he can’t critically hit enemies unless he basically attacks. Also, he protects allies and himself to speed up his attacks.


Oh, and I like Hades as my favorite tank that his red skill makes him invincible in a pinch of his HP. Not to mention that losing HP means dealing bigger damage over time to enemies. Also, he can protect his allies by drawing out incoming enemy damage from them to himself.

I haven’t made it that far yet, but so far Elsa is the one that carries my team. I have had entire sessions where she was able to wipe out the enemies in one power up attack.

Ralph is the weakest of my team and I can’t wait to permanently replace him!

These are my favorite characters in the game so far along with Fred.

Here’s why:

Mr. Incredible: So he helps keep my team alive

Maximus: So he grants my team buffs and give them 80% of their basic damage as Reality:

Wasabi: So he dealt a LOT of True Damage and block projectiles.

Hamm: So he and Ian can gain Reflect from Ian’s disc AND punish sapped enemies.

Ian Lightfoot: So he defeats Mulan and others that target the backline with Reflect. It’s stronger with the Goliath disc. And he can shrink anybody. Any thoughts? :slightly_smiling_face:


In my opinion, Mr. Incredible can take down invisible enemies, such as Darkwing Duck and Randall, once he uses Super Duper (if he has his Red Skill unlocked) as long as he stays alive from heavy hitters, like Wasabi. Speaking of this skill, he can steal health while it gives him a big attack speed boost.

Maximus may be best suited for study or normal crit team, which includes Syndrome, The Beast, Kim, and Robin Hood, but he is a wild card with self-healing, good tenacity, and a mix of offense and anti-aggression.


my favorite character is Donald Duck because he is very strong in battle

My best is Mulan, she has a red skill, battle badge. But there will be more in future

Mi favorito es kermit o Kronk pero el más fuerte para mí es wasabi

Beast is my favorite because his special is almost unbeatable

“Minnie Mouse” can charm all enemys

For me, my favorite characters in battle is :

Clawhauser : can heal himself & allies and his donut are powerful damage
Mr.Big : Freeze all enemies and dealt damage
Slinky Dog : Gives allies a shield
Honey Lemon : her damage are powerful and can slow enemies
Cheshire Cat : his damage are so powerful and can target the invisible enemies like Randall, Darkwingduck, Scar, etc.
Disgust : her green skill can silence all enemies
Ian Lightfoot : he has reflect, so enemies that attacking Ian in backline like Mulan, Ian can’t take damage because of his reflect

I’m just using and upgrade them so… Idk about other heroes.


I’m in server 14
TL 194
Chapter 33

Sally has been in my top 5 for a long time. Her poison cloud bounce back makes her great against Wasabi. She does a ton of damage when he Tia disc is maxed. She teams with Hades with Meg disc and/ or Basil with Mushu disc nicely. I’m working on teaming her with Esmeralda or Pocahontas.
Demona does a ton of damage. She’s made for speed teams. I like to team her with fairy godmother, Jim, mr.big and kevin/Russell for energized/scare speed team. It’s pretty common for my Demona to do 20 million+ damage.
Basil is great. His Mushu disc really enhances damage over time teams. His Randal disc is good against silence opponents.
Tia is so versatile. She works in curse teams, charm teams, silence teams, even damage over time teams.

Pooh is the best for many reasons and ignore what people say about him, he is like king louie and maximus together

He’s very outdated… :confused:

But you do you. :man_shrugging:

I get the King Louie comparison because of the slows, but… how is he like Maximus other than just being a Tank? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I got lots of favorites, but I think my favorites might be Darkwing, Russel & Kevin, Wasabi, Clawhauser, Mulan, and Nick Wilde (Even if he’s not as good as the others.)

His white skill gets stronger as more bees are applied to the enemy heroes, plus Pooh can beat maximus, I tried it alot in arena and coliseum

And the white skill does more damage than maximus’s white skill

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