Hey Loutre,

I noticed you reply to lots of people, so I hope you’d see this.
So I have constantly requested Cars characters, and some people keep telling me NO CARS CHARACTERS IN 2021. Can you confirm if any of that is official? And also if it’s not, can we soon get Lightning McQueen and Mater?

It was said in Q&A by devs… so it is official.

Cars are just too giant to fit, so just like in all other games… they won’t appear as they don’t fit.


In 2021 doesn’t mean that it can’t happen.

If it was said in the Q&A by the devs then it’s still true!


Ok thank you for actually responding. But also to those who said they’re “too big” they could make them a bit more smaller. It would make many people happy myself included just to see them soon.

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I don’t think that a lot of them are too big.

Maybe Mater could be too big but McQueen I doubt.

I think the problem could be the overall factor that Cars are as horizontal and big as they are, meaning they would cover other characters potentially. Most characters are more vertical than horizontal, so that would make sense taking into the consideration of how Cars could affect the game.

I think he could work. It’s ones like Mac who definitely can’t.

Would you be happy with Lightning McQueen appearing to be roughly go-kart size when lined up with the other heroes? Because if you want him to look like a full-sized car when next to, say, Barbossa, that’s going to take up too much room on the screen. (And if he looks like a full-sized car next to Esmeralda, he’ll take up the whole screen. :stuck_out_tongue: )

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More like opposite.

Imagine 5 Shank’s cars on battlefield, that’s the problem. Too big.
Even one is just too much.

I’d actually like evidence of this :thinking:

Could someone link the post or post a screenshot of it?

You keep saying not in 2021. But that means cars can happen in the future.

And there is nothing wrong with making them a little smaller…

Oh of course Mack wouldn’t work, I was just saying McQueen alone was the only one I wanted mainly. They could do McQueen, Chick Hicks, Mater, etc.

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