Hi everyone, here's my hero brainstorm box

  1. I think chip and dale they could gather acorns and through them at the enemies and that’s really all I got right now for them
  2. Kanga and Roo off from Winnie the Pooh they could kick enemies or jump onto enemies
  3. 7 dwarfs off from snow white haha if youd have them you’d be the best but also snow white too

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These are all great suggestions! I don’t know how they’d include all 7 dwarves in the game, but I’d love to see how PB does it!


I think 7 dwarves can combine into one decent fighter :upside_down_face:

Yeah if they can do Huey Dewey and Louie, I believe they can do the dwarves

7 Dwarves at the screen at once could be a bit much, but I could see them being a part of Snow White skill set if she ever become a character in the game :-).

So either the 7 Dwarves stampede across the screen like Nick’s lemmings, or she can call them and they have different effects depending on the characters that’s called.

How they would the last alternative in a good way I don’t know, but the stampede option shouldn’t be that hard to do and program :-).

I imagine them like Felix’s white skill villagers

Yeah, technically meant the same thing I think, even though it could of course work like the lemmings as well and be an updated version of Nick’s lemmings, as in ending up with 7 helpers to say in City Watch instead of just 5.

Could work either way, even if less ideal for 1 time battles which likely isn’t optimal either.

A stampede of dwarves is the best thing I ever heard of.

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Yeah, I could imagine that too

Grumpy dopey and happy make great each separate grumpy damage happy tank and dopey support

Why is it that we don’t have Pluto or daisy from the mickey mouse franchise but all the other characters

Pluto is in Minnie’s White Skill…

Thanks for letting me know I’ve never used Minnie, so they’ve just left daisy out then ?

Currently, yes.

Hi think they should add the simpsons… there just my favorite

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