Hi this is totally an elimination Game

Yes this is like totally the elimination game you need here with these 16 participants this is just grand opening more in future

Evil Morty


Buck Wilde

Patchy the pirate

Nick fury


Alternate reality doofenschmirtz


Calico Jack

Pikachu With an eyepatch

Eyepatch with a pikachu

Fusion zamasu in dragon ball heroes

Stan pines

Navarch of the seas


Pirate brickell

And this cute gif with an eyepatch

This is the eyepatch elimination game.

I will split them into 2 groups for less exhaustion

Group 1 vote for least favorite character

  • Cat eyepatch gif
  • Pikachu with eyepatch
  • Eyepatch with pikachu
  • Evil Morty
  • Patchy the pirate
  • Dread pirate brickell
  • Navarch of the seas

0 voters

I am sensing a theme here…


The eyepatch elimination game is first

Each fight will last until MORNING So whoever sees this will hopefully start voting``

looks at title

It’s like we’re in an alternate universe where that actually exists…

Congrats Navarach you tried but sadly eyepatch pikachu’s volt tackle was a criteyecle hit.

Group 2 fight 1

  • Fusion zamasu
  • Stan pines
  • calico Jack
  • Kwazii
  • alternate reality doofenschmirtz
  • Nick fury
  • Odin
  • Buck wilde
  • Patches

0 voters

Need 5 or more voters.


Bye bye choo-choo which was destroyed by Stanley pines with cane power,

Round 2 of group 1

  • Cat eyepatch gif
  • Eyepatch with pikachu
  • pikachu with eyepatch
  • Evil morty
  • Dread pirate brickell
  • Patchy the pirate

0 voters

Yet again bye another pirate monkey

Round 2 group 2

  • Kwazii
  • Fused zamasu
  • Calico Jack
  • Stanley pines.
  • Kwazii.
  • Odin.
  • Nick fury.
  • Buck wilde.
  • Patches.

0 voters

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