Hideout issues


Ok so I love heist, I recently started using a strategy to sweep an entire region of new clues (any that reappear I ignore) then I let my team know that area has been completely checked and I move to another region. Problem is, more than once I have noticed that the hideout ends up being in an area I am 100% sure I checked every single clue. So my question is, does the hideout not spawn until a certain amount of time? does it appear after a random time? The first time I thought maybe I hadn’t checked completely and missed one spot but after multiple times I am curious how it works.


Hideout is always on a clue already on the map from the beginning. The fact his that sometimes an hero searching or an hero on a gem or even an hero standstill may have a clue behind them that you cant see. When i get long heist and the white area gets small and we cant find hideout i always zoom and check behind heros cause (expecially on guards since they dont move) very often there is a clue not easy to see :wink:


I am 100% positive that it is not always on a clue from the beginning. I have been watching extremely carefully, and sweeping areas 100% completely. Now, the only way I would believe it’s a clue from the beginning is if an ambush at a clue could keep a hero from finding the hideout in that spot. That is my next theory I am working on. But even then I am 100% sure that the hideout has been in a new clue at least in a few games. So my next theory is that the hideout doesn’t appear at all until the white circle begins.


Please keep going with the research, I don’t usually play Heist (I hate Heist) so I can’t do find out things quickly, right now what I too have noticed is that keeping track of what you’ve cleared is useless, hideout seems to spawn in the meantime


I have figured it out and made sure to do video and lots of screen shots to figure it out! The hideout DOES NOT appear until the first white circle. Now, this does not mean it’s a new clue that appears at that time, sometimes it is a clue that was already there but I am pretty sure you can’t get the hideout before those first 50 clues. So I have found it best to search the area your heroes are dropped in at the beginning, get to 50 clues as fast as possible, then start searching unique clues in the circled area.


Thanks for the research I was wondering this!


Can we get an official confirmation or denial on this one? @Polaris


I’ve had a hideout found on a clue outside the white circle once. This was after 75 minutes of quintuple checking every clue inside the circle, people started looking just outside it and found it.


This is not correct. The hideout spawns after the first POI investigation is completed. This is to prevent players from finding the hideout on the very first POI.

This shouldn’t be possible. If you have this happen again, please screenshot and send it to support so the team can investigate.


Thank you for clarifying, @Polaris


@Polaris by first POI investigation you mean those first 50 clues correct? When the circle begins. Because I have screenshots and video of it only appearing after that circle.


No, I mean the first POI. The Hideout POI is designated once the first investigation is completed.


The first picture is while the circle is zeroing in, 2 seconds later a clue appears white “zeroing in on hideout” is still showing. The hideout was that clue that didn’t show up until those first 50 clues. This has happened quite a lot with my screenshots and videos I have been taking to figure it out.