Hiest please tellme

When is the hiest coming plese let it be here before September

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Don’t be impatient. S1 is still beta testing the changes before Heist is released globally.

Wait for an official announcement.

XD, there was an official announcement expecting heist after one week… That came like three weeks ago. XD

And, then they implemented changes to Heist & are running new tests. There hasn’t been any official announcements since the updated version was released.

I like to try so went to server 1 an had to start over cant take account s to server…switch to my main account but like it to be on server 3

I think when they release heist globally then they launch xp cap and purple 3…

I want heist now. XD screw purple 3 I don’t want people getting any more powerful than I am! XD jk I can wait…

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