So I see you have seen the movie if you are here, or if you haven’t and you just want to see spoilers, don’t say I didn’t warn you though

Stuff About the movie I likes and some spoilers

So @Loutre or PB made Sarah and Mary’s basic attack lightning from their fingers, and in the 2nd one they actually have that ability which is amazing.
I like the fact that they made the 3 main characters have powers (Or at least Becca) which I think was a twist.

I like that Winnie sacrificed herself just to be with her sisters, I thought it was really sweet.

Also I thought it was funny how the spell was called “Magica Maxima”
Magica De Spell | Disney Heroes: Battle Mode Wiki | Fandom
Lo and behold, Magica.

And finally I like that Mary’s “broomy” ate the salt and set them free to attack.

and yea thats stuff I liked about the movie and a few things I found interesting.

also correct me if my category is wrong


I found the movie much better than the original. It feels better paced. And the writing is better.
I think it would work on its own. The first one is just kinda bad compared to it imo. The only thing it really affected the plot with was Gilbert.

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more magic

I was really surprised that even colours matched, now I just wonder if Disney told PB last year or maybe it was PB’s idea all along which then Disney just used, or just coincidence.

That’s a first…

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someday, in the future Becca are joining in Disney Heroes: Battle Mode

I didn’t know there were multiple

Did anyone else notice in the “One Way or Another” sequence, there was a woman dressed as Madonna? This is likely a reference to the first movie.

Totally dislike the new characters. Specially Becca.

Love the Sanderson sisters, despiste the age, they didnt lose their acting magic, which was perfect.

The plot is less dark than the original, they are villains and evil, but Disney keep trying to “show the good part” of their villains. Dont understand why, a good story comes with a wicked villain.

So, i prefer the original. This new one is a little boring, but Sanderson Sisters save the day when they appear on screen.

are you sure, because Winifred literally said “this time, when you see a teenager, you will kill it!” The only she sacrificed herself was to be with her sistsers, which I guess may be a little less dark, but I liked that there actually was a way they came back and it wasn’t just a random candle.

I actually thought that but was sweet.
It serves as a good ending to the Sandersons.
It did feel a bit like a DCOM at some parts with the kids.

Bette Midler said she wants to do a third one very soon so I would count on it, Sarah Jessica Parker said that too

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Well, they killed a little girl first 5 minutes, transformed Binx into a cat for all eternity and tried to eat all children’s souls from Salem. :sweat_smile:

I saw Hocus Pocus 2 yesterday and l love it so much! I highly recommend you watch!

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Yea and in the 2nd one they trapped the main characters and tried to murder Gilberts cat when he didn’t get the hourglass, then she scratched the mayor’s daughter for “Magica Maxima” and was going to murder her like for revenge on the reverend.

I’m sorry but I really hated the LITERAL friendship is magic part of the movie where they all hold hands for the forcefield. I mean I love the first one because it was iconic, memorable, funny, and what I liked about the most about the first, the fact it was mature for what disneys use to. Hocus pocus 2 took away all of those things. The only aspect i liked about the movie were the returning characters such as The Sanderson sisters and Billy. I love how similar they are to the originals and let’s be honest, who else would you have casted as the sanderson sisters? Also I found the three protagonists way too annoying to be likeable.

The original had its flaws but number 2 really went downhill.

I REALLY loved the bit where winifred sacrifices herself for her sisters, it was really heartfelt and sentimental.

Movie was a 2.5 out of 10. Pretty bad miss of a movie tbh.


The only parts I liked were the second song (choice was weird but the song was good) and the sisters in general (I also kinda liked the sisters interacting with modern things like an Alexa or the roombas)

Say no more. The movie will go unwatched by me. I cannot stand that cliche nonsense.

I had watched the trailer and it felt very “straight to DVD” kind of quality that Disney loves to do with sequels.

The whole vibe felt very different from the first one. The other characters from the trailers and clips I’ve seen felt like they’re from a different movie entirely. A friend of mine showed me a clip of when Gilbert gets cursed by the sisters and they try to kill his cat. Both very serious things to happen but they play it off like a Disney channel laugh track show.

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Jesus ik right?? It felt like the old cast was just forgotten about

That’s exactly how I felt when I watched it. It just felt so cliche and dumb.

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