Homer Simpson Concept

“Why you little…!!”
Front-line Tank
Trial Team: Yellow

An average family man with an undying taste for donuts, and many other fat-filled treats. Homer can take many blows, as well as prevent them, just by eating a lot. Make sure he doesn’t run out of donuts!


Entrance: Walks in and takes out a box of donuts, holding the box with one arm, and holding a donut with the other hand.

Victory/Rank Up: Stuffs the held donut in his mouth, and pumps his fist in the air, making a muffled “Woo-hoo!”

Hurt/Given Badges: Falls back a little, while making his “D’oh!” face.

Defeat: Drops his donuts, and screams, holding his face.

Basic Attack: Eats the donut in his hand, and pulls out another donut from the box.


White Skill: Jalapeno-Filled

Passive: Homer eats a donut instead of attacking, and heals X HP.

Active: Homer eats a donut filled with jalapenos, and breathes fire at all enemies until his energy runs out. He deals X fantastic damage per second.
He cannot be attacked during this.

Green Skill: Donut Dumpster

Homer dumps the box of donuts he’s holding in his mouth, and swallows it all, healing X HP, and giving himself an X HP shield.
He throws the empty box at the frontmost enemy, dealing X normal damage, stunning them for 10 seconds, and pulls out a new box of donuts.
Stun has a chance to fail against enemies above level X.

Blue Skill: Burpy Belly

Homer drinks a can of Buzz Cola, and burps at all enemies, making them take X fantastic damage per second for 10 seconds, and stunning them for 5 seconds.

Purple Skill: Twice the Jelly

Homer’s donuts heal an additional X HP.

Red Skill: Mmmmm, Red Skill…

“Jalapeno-Filled” removes all buffs from all enemies (Even Invincibility and Berserk)
“Donut Dumpster” removes all debuffs from Homer.
“Burpy Belly” steals X Energy from the enemy with the most Energy.
+X Armor
+X Donut Dumpster Shield HP

Friendships and Disks


Friendship Campaign: Eating Competition
Allies: Davy Jones, Simba & Nala, Gonzo
Story: Homer and Baloo have an eating contest.

Friendship Disk: Jelly Filled Paw-Paw
(Shared Donut Dumpster)
+X Skill Power
"Donut Dumpster heals all allies for X HP. (+X HP per star)


Friendship Campaign: The Missing Donut
Allies: Mad Hatter, Rafiki, Kida
Story: Basil helps Homer find his “special donut”.

Friendship Disk: Special Donut
(TRUE damage Burpy Belly)
+X Reality
Burpy Belly deals TRUE damage when Homer has eaten 10 donuts. (-2 per star)

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