Honest John & Gideon Concept

Honest John & Gideon


Con artists of the street and always looking for easy ways to make money, Honest John & Gideon use their street smarts to persuade enemies.

“If we play our cards right, we’ll be on easy street! Or my name isn’t Honest John!
Role: Tank
Position: Front
Team: Yellow

Basic Attack: Whacks enemies with cane

Entrance: Walk in whistling while twirling their canes

Victory: Jump in the air merrily in a circle

Defeat: Gideon accidentally hits Honest John with a mallet and Gideon looks scared.


White Skill: Low Stoop

Honest John uses his persuasive techniques to charm 2 enemies for 11 seconds. All other enemies are persuaded to give Honest John 25% of their Skill Power.

The charm can fail against enemies above level X.

Green Skill: Mallet Whack

True Damage :shield:
Gideon Whacks the closest enemy with a mallet, dealing X Damage and stunning them for 7 seconds. If that enemy is already disabled, this shreds armor instead.

The armor shred can fail against enemies above level X.

Blue Skill: Master Con Artists

Honest John & Gideon dodge any skill and steal 50% of the enemy’s Armor and Skill Power.

The Armor and Skill Power steal is less effective against enemies above level X.

Purple Skill: An Actor’s Life For Me

Honest John & Gideon are immune to the first 3 disables and debuffs. After they block a disable or debuff, they heal for X HP and they gain X Armor and Reality.

Red Skill: Hi-Diddle-Dee-Dee

The first time Honest John & Gideon fall below 50% Max HP, they heal themselves for X HP and immediately use Mallet Whack. Whenever Honest John & Gideon receive a buff, it’s effect is doubled.

This is less effective when Honest John & Gideon are above level X.

+X Armor
+Y Reality
+Z Max HP


Casino Con
Honest John & Gideon and Oogie Boogie
Stronger Attacks

Disk Power

  • +X Skill Power


  • Honest John & Gideon deal X more damage per 10% missing HP.
    (Plus X Damage per star)

Allies: Goofy, Moana, Megara

Feeling Like Millionaires
Honest John & Gideon and Yzma
Healing When Damaging

Disk Power

  • +X Max HP


  • Honest John & Gideon heals for X HP when they damage a disabled enemy.
    (Plus X HP per star)

Allies: Simba & Nala, Slinky Dog, Yax


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