Hoo Hoo to you too! (Contest Submission)

This is my second submission for @Scarlet_Captain’s 2nd Grand Concept Contest! Yet again this doesn’t have skill icons because it’s too stressful, I’m sorry

Herb Cookie


Source: Cookie Run

“Make the world green!”

Warm like the sunshine and fresh like the scent of rain, Herb Cookie eases his allies and heals them whenever they’re feeling down.

Stars: :star:
Role: Support
Position: Back
Trial Team: Red
Entrance: A flower pot is at his position. Herb cookie walks next to it, waters it, and picks it up.
Victory: Waves at the camera
Defeat: Gets knocked down and drops flower pot.
Attack: See Passive

White Skill: Sunny Garden (Normal Damage)
Passive: Instead of dealing damage with his basic attack, Herb Cookie heals frontmost the ally for Y HP.

Active: Herb Cookie turns the ground into a wonderful little garden for 10 seconds, cleansing allies of all active debuffs and instantly healing allies X HP. Allies also heal Y HP per second while standing near the sprouts in the garden. The battlefield also begins to rain while the garden is in place, dealing X damage per second to all enemies and reducing their armor by Z.

Green Skill: Sun-Kissed Seedling
Herb Cookie plants a Sun-Kissed Herb Seedling in front of the ally with the most HP, granting them a shield that has X HP and 4 stacks of “Hardy”. When the shield is destroyed, the ally gains 3 stacks of “Strength” for 10 seconds.

Each stack of “Hardy” blocks 1 debuff from being applied and is then removed, and each stack of “Strength” reduces the damage an ally receives by 10%. Allies can have up to 5 stacks of “Strength”.

Blue Skill: Herbal Tea (Normal Damage)
Herb tosses some tea at the ally with the least HP and the enemy with the most HP. The ally is healed X HP over 5 seconds and has their attack and movement speed increased by 25% for 7 seconds, and the enemy is dealt Y damage over 5 seconds and has their attack and movement speed reduced by 25% for 7 seconds.

Purple Skill: Go Green!
For every stack of “Hardy” currently on screen, Herb Cookie gains Z skill power. This includes Hardy stacks on enemies.

Herb Cookie gains Z basic damage each time a stack of “Hardy” is consumed. Herb keeps 50% of this buff when carried from wave to wave.

Red Skill: Beautiful Weather
“Sunny Garden” also grants allies Z armor and Z reality while they’re standing nearby by the sprouts in the garden.

Every 3 basic attacks, Herb Cookie converts any Basic Damage and Skill Power debuffs into identical buffs that last 5 seconds longer than the original debuff duration.

Converting Basic Damage and Skill Power debuffs has a chance to fail if the debuff came from enemies above level Z.

Additional Stat Boosts:
+Z Basic Damage to Damage role allies
+Z Skill Power
+Z Max HP

Friendship Disks:

Herb Cookie-Wall-E
Campaign: Rusty Trouble
Wall-E has been having trouble supporting the community garden due to the harsh rain, and Herb Cookie wants to help.

Disk: Recycling Support
”Sunny Garden” Energizes Allies
+Z Max HP to Tank role allies
+Z Basic Damage
+Z Armor to Energized allies
• Allies healed by “Sunny Garden” are also energized. Allies energized by Herb Cookie gain 15 (+15 per star level) extra energy when they basic attack.

Herb Cookie-Sadness
Campaign: Rain on my Parade
Sadness’s rain clouds have been having a negative effect on Herb Cookie’s plants. Herb Cookie tries to make her happy

Disk: Stormy Weather
Stun Enemies with High HP
+Z Skill Power
+Z Reality
• Enemies above 75% of their max HP damaged by “Herbal Tea” will be stunned for 4 (+2 per star level) seconds. “Herbal Tea” has a +15% (+15 per star level) larger AOE.

X=Skill Power
Y=Basic Damage
Z=Level Dependent

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