Hook's great partner?

Who is great Hook’s partner?
I saw Hook in Top tier list
But I don’t know how to use him

Just put him your team, to state the very obvious


Hook is a control hero that is recognized for his energy gain reduction. His skillset is a well made kit. He is paired well with Barbossa, who can appreciate his allies studying his enemies so he can deal the most damage as possible.

Unlike Peter Pan, Hook’s attack will increase while he is using his active, making his active more useful. The cons of his active is that Hook doesn’t move around and just stands there alone looking crazy while enemies may go around him, including Darkwing Duck, Mr. Incredible, Jessie, etc.

Because of this, Hook may use pulls toward the enemy line to his advantage, but it is very unlikely it’ll happen. So, you’ll need strong allies to wipe out the front line, so Hook may be closer to the enemy line.

Bo Peep can be a useful ally. Although her active pushes back enemies along the way, the enemies will always try to move as forward as possible, and may fall for Hook’s trap.

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Thanks! Do you use Hook-Barbossa disk?

To dish out more damage, use his Barbossa disk.

But to keep allies alive, use his Peter Pan disk.

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Ok Then I’ll get Barbossa disk first

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