Hoot hoot! Hooty Character Concept! (#5)

To celebrate the almost 1 year anniversary of The Owl House’s series finale, “Watching and Dreaming”, I present a concept based of a character from the show

• Hooty from Disney’s The Owl House!

Description: The house demon himself has arrived, hoot hoot! Hooty, the guardian owl of Ga’Hoot, will protect his allies and certainly tell all sorts of stories while having a tea party with any creep who has any intentions of hurting his friends for hours, and hours, and hours, and hours, and hours… and hours…"

Quote: “I will be haunted by my actions forever, hoot hoot!”

Stars: :star:

Role: Damage

Position: Frontline

Trials Team: Red

Basic Attack: Hooty hits enemies with his “neck”


Entrance: Hooty stretches into the battlefield

Victory: Hooty twirls his “neck” around happily

Defeat: Hooty hisses at the enemies


White Skill: “Peek-A-Hoot”

Passive - Hooty’s Basic Attacks deal X True Damage to Pierced and Drained enemies.

Active - Hooty cleanses himself and headbutts enemies by stretching through the whole battlefield, dealing X Normal Damage and knocking them back. All knocked back enemies are Pierced and Drained for 10 seconds.

When Hooty gets back to his position, he and allies gain 6 stacks of Hardy for each enemy hit with this skill.

Pierce and Drain have a chance to fail against enemies above level X.

Green Skill: “We Can Talk For Hours”

Hooty talks about his life story, silencing enemies for 16 seconds and dealing X Fantastic Damage.

The enemies can’t stand his annoying voice and so they decide to take matters into their own hands. For the next 16 seconds, Hooty will Distract the 3 Frontmost enemies. During his Distract, Hooty will heal for 450% of the damage he receives.

Blue Skill: “A Special Friend”

Hooty picks up the enemy with the most HP using his “neck”, constricting them and stunning the enemy for 10 seconds while dealing X Normal Damage over 10 seconds. Hooty then lets the enemy go but decreases their movement and attack speed by 85% for 8 seconds.

Hooty gains 50% of the damage he deals using this skill as Armor and Reality for 10 seconds.

Purple Skill: “Hoot Hoot”

When Hooty distracts enemies by performing “We Can Talk For Hours”, Hooty grants himself and allies a Shield that protects them from damage for 15 seconds. While shielded, Hooty and allies deal bonus X Fantastic Damage to silenced enemies.

Red Skill: “House Of Principles”

The first time Hooty reaches 1 HP in a wave, he uses “Peek-A-Hoot” and deals additional X Damage to enemies below 75% of their Max HP.

When enemies are KO’d by “A Special Friend”, Hooty gains 150% movement and attack speed for the rest of the wave.

Additional Stat Boosts:

  • X Skill Power
  • X Max HP
  • X Bonus Normal Damage to “Peek-A-Hoot”


  1. Hooty / Eda Clawthorne

Disk name: “They’re Real Hoots”
Disk effect: “We Can Talk For Hours” Targets Tank or Damage Role Enemies

Hooty prefers to target Tank or Damage role enemies with “We Can Talk For Hours” by dealing 75% more damage to them and increasing their silence duration by 10 seconds.

  • X Basic Damage
  • X Skill Power
  • X Max HP
  • X Fantastic Damage to “We Can Talk For Hours”

Campaign (“State-Of-The-Art-Defense-System”): Hello! Guess who took over narrator duty? That’s right, it’s your old pal, Hooty! Let’s say the OG narrator has some “business” to attend to so I’m filling up the role, hoot hoot! Finally, someone who wants to listen to my stories… willingly! Okay, so yesterday, I woke up in this wonderful city! It doesn’t seem like we’re in Bonesborough or the demon realm itself. If this is a dream, then it’s surely interesting! What the heck, all my dreams are interesting! There have been no exceptions for bad dreams, except for that one nightmare, but we don’t talk about that! Anyway, I’ve been making new friends with all the other people that got stuck here. Geez, I kinda miss being the house. Protecting everyone inside, telling jokes and stories for hours with my wonderful voice… it’s why Eda is making a brand new Owl House right here in this city! I’m sure the most powerful witch in the Boiling Isles and her trusty human apprentice would have no trouble at all when dealing with creeps and finding the time to re-make the Owl House just so they can finally relax. Well, actually they do have a hard time building a house here. These creeps just keep wrecking the place up! These guys sure do remind me of the Emperor’s guards. Don’t worry Eda, with your best and only house demon here, you won’t have to worry about creeps stealing your old human antics anymore! I’ll be your saviour! Let’s do some roughhousing, shall we? Hoot hoot!

Allies: Luz Noceda, Slinky Dog, Russel and Kevin

  1. Hooty / Kaa

Disk name: “Serpent and Sentinel”
Disk effect: Less Health Triggers “A Special Friend”

Whenever Hooty reaches 75% of his Max HP, he immediately casts “A Special Friend”. This can only happen once in every wave.

  • X Basic Damage
  • X Skill Power
  • X Max HP
  • X Bonus Normal Damage to “A Special Friend”

Campaign (“Owl Be Your Friend”): Hoot hoot! Hooty here, taking over the narrator’s job again! The narrator is currently having a tea party right now so don’t you worry about em! I love talking about all the shenanigans I’ve been through! There was this one time where this snake just came up to me and had these sweet little patterns on his eyes. I’ve seen him do that to other people and they just follow whatever he says, must be hypnotizing. Wait, was I hypnotized then cause I don’t remember a thing! All I did was talk about the unlikely adventures of me and a fly while he was busy staring at me and telling me to sleep. I then woke up to everything around us getting trashed and that snake dude was just lying on the floor! I hope he’s not dead! Might as well go grab some headphones to listen to some jams while waiting for him to wake u- oh wait, he’s waking up! Good morning little fella, how’s your na- and he’s gone! I was hoping to continue my fly story but he looked like he was late for something cause he was slithering away really fast and with a really concerning expression. What the heck! I’m following him! He looks like he needs help, and that’s what friends do, hoot hoot!

Allies: Baloo, Tigger, Cheshire Cat

Author’s Note / Art WIP

This is probably by far the quickest I’ve made a concept. Part of the reason is I got a bit lazy and didn’t wanna make the skill icons like I usually do. Apologies for my incompetence. Anyway, work in progress moment. Polite feedback for my concept will be much appreciated


Hooty is a really hilarious character! Thanks for making this!


Anyways where are his concept art skills?

Here’s the reason

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