Hop Pop Plantar

Hop Pop Plantar

Stars at the beginning: :star:
Role: Tank
Position: Front
Team: Blue

Entrance: Hop Pop strolls onto his position, when he reaches it he pulls out his favourite cane.
Victory: Hop Pop smiles and spins his cane.
Defeat: Hop Pop accidentally breaks his cane and gets angry.

Quote: ‘‘Must be painful to make so little sense all the time.’’

Basic attack: Hop Pop hits the nearest enemies with his cane.

White Skill: Plant-and-Grow
Hop Pop plants vegetable seeds around himself and moment later waters them, causing 4 plants to grow. Hop Pop can plant 3 different types of vegetables and each grown plant is random, but there can be only 3 plants of the same type at the same time on the battlefield, each plant causes several effects on himself and his allies or enemies. Each vegetable stays on the battlefield for 6 seconds, or until is replaced with new ones. There can be up to 5 vegetables at once. Effects from the vegetables stack with each other.

Tomato: Hop Pop and allies gain 33% Basic Damage and Skill Power and their Attack and Movement Speed is increased by 25%.
Corn: All enemies deal 25% Reduced Damage and have their Attack and Movement Speed decreased by 25%.
Lettuce: Hop Pop gains 30% Reduced Damage Taken, and Hop Pop and his allies heal X HP per second.

Green Skill: Messy Situation :fist:
Hop Pop calls in Bessie, she then dashes through the enemies, dealing X Normal Damage, knocking them back, reducing their Attack Speed by 60% and Snaring them for 10 seconds.

Hop Pop heals for 10% of his Max HP per enemy hit, the heal is doubled if the hit was critical.

Blue Skill: Playing an Act
Hop Pop creates a theatre scene, Distracting and Sapping all enemies for 10 seconds and reducing their Damage Dealt by 60% while Distracted. Whenever a Distracted enemy uses one of their skill, Hop Pop and his allies are healed by 25% of their Max HP.

Distracting enemies has a chance to fail against enemies above level X.

Purple Skill: Tradition is a Foundation
Hop Pop is Berserk until he uses ‘‘Plant-and-Grow’’. While Hop Pop is Berserk he redirects 40% of damage dealt to allies to himself, this redirected damage never crits Hop Pop.
Whenever Hop Pop takes redirected damage he heals himself and his allies for X HP.

Red Skill: Family History
All vegetables from ‘‘Plant-and-Grow’’ now stay for 10 seconds.

Each vegetable now additionally increases Armor and Reality by 10%, 50% of this is kept for the remainder of the wave when a vegetable disappears or is replaced. Whenever a vegetable disappears or is replaced Hop Pop and allies heal X HP.

Additional stat boosts:
+X Tenacity


EVE - Avocado Mania

Vegetables Grant Hardy Stacks after Expiring

  • +X SP to Hop Pop and allies
  • +X Max HP
  • After a vegetable expires or is replaced Hop Pop and allies gain 1 stack of Hardy (+1 stack per star)

Carl - Out of the Comfort Zone

Tank Role Allies Weaken the Enemies

  • +X Max HP to Hop Pop and allies
  • +X Armor
  • +X Reality
  • For each Tank Role ally, including Hop Pop, enemies lose 15 Crit Damage and 5% of their Max HP, enemies can lose up to 60% of their Max HP (+15 crit ; +5% HP per star)

I love this! He is a great character. This skill set should be used if they add him. :+1:

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Hopefully, we could get some Amphibia (and The Owl House) characters at some point to this game.


That would be a nice addition for sure.

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