Hopper? In patch notes

Hopper? In the patch notes his name is there


Yeah, this was already acknowledged by Loutre
He is approved and will release soon


@Loutre did you think that hopper is confirmed? I think you guys leaked hopper

As I said, Loutre is aware of the leak and allows us to discuss it


Yup, Hopper has already been approved so safe to discuss! He’s just not fully ready for in-game yet so he was pushed to a further out patch and forgot to remove him from the app store patch notes.


Ok that’s cool tho

Tiene sentido porque a la amistad de Flik y Bolt les falta un héroe acompañante (solo están Fozzie y otro más, aunque no sé si es un error @Loutre )

Looks like he’s next

Hopper is coming right

Can Hopper have a friendship with Flik and who is his second friendship

I dont think so, maybe his friendships could be with villains

Which friendship of the villains will Hopper have friendship 1 and 2

Friendships: Fear and The Sheriff of Nottingham

Hopper friendship with Fear that’s good one

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