Horned King

Horned King


Stars at the beginning: :star:
Role: Support
Position: Mid
Team: Yellow

Entrance: A throne with Horned King appears on the position, Horned King stands up and the throne disappears, and The Black Cauldron appears next to him.
Victory: Horned King rises his hands.
Defeat: Horned King’s body parts slowly disappears and the gets sucked into the Cauldron.

Quote: “Perhaps it would interest you to see what fate has in store for you.”

Basic attack: Horned King rises his hand and points at nearest enemy, dealing damage to them.

White skill: Cauldron Sacrifice
The Black Cauldron swallow all the Undead Warriors. This allow to revive a number of KO’d allies equal to sacrificed Cauldron Born.

Allies return with Full HP, and a bonus X Basic Damage and Skill Power, stacking with each use.

If there’s no Cauldron Born, Horned King and allies cleanses from debuffs, this also triggers on allies which were alive.

Green Skill: Unstoppable Warriors :fist:t2:
Once every 4 seconds a Cauldron Born entries to the battlefield, with X Max HP and dealing X damage with each basic attack. Up to 5 Cauldron Born can be presented at the same time.

Cauldron Born are immune to Debuffs, Knock Backs, and True Damage.

All allies are healed by 150% of the blocked True Damage directed at Cauldron Born.

Blue Skill: Pure Evil
Horned King is now immune to debuffs and is Berserk. This Berserk never ends and cannot be removed by enemies until Horned King uses two times “Cauldron Sacrifice”, this sets timer of this Berserk for 10 seconds.

The Debuff Immunity has a chance to fail against enemies above level X.

Purple skill: Evil Touch
Horned King’s basic attacks applies Curse and Sap for 8 seconds.

Horned King’s basic attacks targets enemies which aren’t debuffed by this skill.

The Curse and Sap has a chance to fail to apply against enemies above level X.

Red skill: Bad King
Everytime ally loses 10% of their Max HP in a single hit or over duration of 5 seconds they heal X HP, gain a stack of Hardy, and increase their basic damage by 100% for 8 seconds.

Revived allies by “Cauldron Sacrifice” are invincible for 5 seconds.

Additional stat boosts:
+X Bonus Damage to Cauldron Born from “Unstoppable Warriors”


Jack Skellington : Undead Recruitment

Improved Cauldron Born

  • +X HP
  • +X BD to Horned King and allies
  • +X Reality to Horned King and allies
  • Cauldron Born gain 20% of Armor and Reality equal to all of Front Line allies (+20% Armor and Reality)
  • Cauldron Born assively 12% Attack Speed (+12% speed per star)

Shan Yu : Army Wars

Bonus Damage to Cursed and Sapped Enemies

  • +X SP
  • KO’d Cauldron Born deals X
    Normal Damage to closest enemy
  • Cursed and Sapped enemies lose X Reality
  • Cursed enemies receive 10% more damage (+10% damage per star)
  • Sapped enemies receive 10% more damage (+10% damage per star)
  • The received damage by enemies is tripled if they are Cursed and Sapped at the same time

I think it may be too broken

This in fact, was one of my original ideas when I did my Horned King concept. I’m glad you took it on, and it goes without saying that this is the best Horned King concept I’ve ever seen. Kudos to you.

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Well, thank you. :slight_smile:

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