How are the refreshes?

Did they actually make the older heroes worth investing in?

Why don’cha play the game and find out, like the rest of us?

Because some people already have older heroes leveled up and others don’t have the resources to test something that might fail when there are known heroes that will do well.


Wasabi didn’t change much, he was ok and still is ok

The others are actually more viable, especially Baymax who is very strong

Yax and Judy are great, A-tier. (Yax maaaaaybe S-tier)
Wasabi remains same.
Jafar also become great (again), but his Scar disk is still bugged.
Baymax is the star here, totally amazing now.

Baymax was the only one I had leveled. He’s so freaking good now. That initial damage on top of insane survivability makes him amazing.

The scar disk bug is really frustrating though.

Honestly, they made the likes of Baymax and Yax, REALLY strong, for someone in just the Purple Rank. PUR-PLE RANK!!!

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