How are y'all dealing with the Queen of Hearts in 6-5 on the Rose/Jumba friendship?

She has me at a roadblock. Auto on/off, doesn’t matter. Her reflect takes out everyone on my team except jumba who dies immediately on the next wave with the Simba and Nala charm.

Edit: nvm. Maxed out the disk level and the extra health kept everyone alive.

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What do you mean

Play DH:BM then you’ll understand

Now you’re confusing me

I don’t really know how I can be clearer? In the Rose and Jumba friend campaign, episode 6 - stage 5 has a queen of hearts that kills me immediately with reflect. I was asking how others got past it.

@JediAshoka1 posting here was useless since they solved the problem…

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Now that you’ve mentioned it, where is Queen of Hearts’ Reflect coming from? I’ve been wondering that, when I faced her multiple times in the Invasion.

@Kermit1 @JediAshoka1 Can you both plz stop arguing?
However I will agree that OwlHorseBoss is the one in the wrong here

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Enhanced Battle Badge


Is that the same thing for Maui?

Yes, as well as Eeyore, Gizmoduck, and Yax.


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