How could this have lost?

I see no way possible other than maybe horrible RNG, but my line usually doesn’t lose easily…

server 16

Wow. That is sad. But that is impossible

Wait. I think that is Mr Disney’s Arena team, but he beat you with another team. I dunno

He used that team to win against my defense. He may have a different one as his defense. I just don’t see the rng being that great to allow him to win with that considering the only other option would be all of my toons glitch out and stop attacking due to a bug which is possible, but highly unfavorable.

Yeah it doesnt make sense.

It happened a second time, then I switched my defense from that to caboom d&b, finnick yax merida and same thing again. My only hope is to promote and hope when he does I’m not same area again.

This doesn’t look right at all… best bet is to put in a support ticket about it so they can investigate

If the skill level doesn’t match the hero level, then that’s it. Please state the skill level of your heroes.

All of them are maxed except for yax. Only purple is maxed. Rest are 20 some odd off.