How do I beat this “Olaf’s Winter Adventure” trial level?

It looks impossible because of Felix’s low HP, even with his Ralph disk equipped, but Wave 1 is very impossible because Clawhauser and Baloo seem to deal A LOT of damage, even though Baloo’s only damaging move is his basic attack.

My Felix and Anna seem to die first (Olaf too but he can revive), then Olaf (he immediately dies after reviving) and Elsa (they gave her a buff but she still leaves more to be desire) and Gonzo dies last, meaning he lives the longest.

Have you tried using other characters specifically for the trial yet?

I tried using Fozzie but he also died easily

This is the team I have used. It 3 starred it. Replace gonzo with Felix as you need him obviously.

I will power them up because of your help

Felix and Kristoff give a huge SP boost, which allows to deal decent damage even to the tankiest ones. I used them and Elsa. Don’t remember if I 3* the level though. However I do have Felix and Kristoff maxed, but it’s their skill levels that matter the most, as their disks aren’t so strong.

Currently have Kermit at Yellow 5 with Gonzo disk equipped, currently working on Sweetums and got his Kermit disk, haven’t worked on Kristoff yet.
Update 1: Kermit’s at Y11, Sweetums is at Y7. Currently working on Kristoff, got his Kida disk already.
Update 2: my stage changed, got Sweetums to Y10, and Kristoff to Y5.

The team i tried using
The damage Duke Caboom had dealt (Kristoff took some damage in wave 1, then Baymax did the rest of his health bar as damage)
Update 3: don’t need any more help with this stage, beat it with the power of random number generation, a Y15 Kristoff, a Y13 Sweetums, and a Y12 Kermit.

I was able to beat all levels for this trial using these heroes.

My question is:
Where is my Olaf Border?
I was completed all 17 level for 3 stars, why i get a random border, if the trial promised me Olaf’s border?
How can i get ALL the borders? There is any chance for diamond?

You could only get the Olaf border after 30 resets, which was basically impossible for non-spenders. I had to spend at least 25k diamonds on stamina just so I could reset it 3 more times to obtain the remaining costume threads for Elsa

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Then why the devs show me the wrong border? I have almost 80k diamond. Im a collector, not a braindead spender.

Players were given a special border for completing all levels. To obtain the Olaf border you would have had to reset with stamina a buttload amount of times, if you didn’t reset it 30 times, then you didn’t get the border

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I don’t value a border at $50…

Those who do… kudos to them. But for me… simply… NO!


Thats what im talkin about! When I saw someting bull$hit, already have a question in my head. If you/your guild win if you be part of the contest, why do you make not million BUT BILLION point?! Just do the Math, prizes are useless, because you already have everything. When a contest started, winners are already exist in the first 10! minutes.

If people stopped caring about being 1st in contests, the game would already be dead. Simply because there is no other motivation to keep people around.

So…if I want to win, i have to spend 500-1000 $/€ ? This is a game where you never win, BUT if you have the ammount of money, MAYBE you are in the top100… :ok_hand::face_vomiting:

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