How do I change Surge difficulty

How do you change the difficulty in creep surge, with new guild trying to make it fair for all players. Is it now base of leaders power or do I need to unlock the perk to change it.?

I don’t think you can change surge difficulty, I think it changes by what color your heroes are or your level but I may be mistaken

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I think the new surge does not have difficulty settings.

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@Imagineer_V is correct. The old style surge had a “difficulty” setting. It didn’t actually change the difficulty of the individual fights, it just altered the amount of waves required to complete it.
The new, endless surge has no option to change anything like this. You can increase the amount of levels that it will allow you to progress through, which will increase the rewards you can potentially earn.

There isn’t actually a way to do what you want but if you want to make it easier for lower power guild members then make sure the easiest zones are readily available for them to clear.


Thank you all

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