How do I report a wrongful action taken against me by a moderator?

I just need someone to please tell me how I report a wrongful action such as chat suspension in game from a moderator? I was silenced earlier and I 100000000000% wasn’t violating chat rules. Thank you for your time and god bless!

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I also took screenshots after being silenced when I realized many people in chat were violating chat rules and are still talking when I wasn’t.

I’ve actually been sitting in chat since taking pics of people spamming and nothing happening to them where I was silenced for less.

Did you report the other people violating the rules?

How do you report others? Lol sorry I never figured that out.

I’m 33, grew up in the country then joined the Army, now a veteran. So I’m a little behind on some of this phone technology lol.

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If you click on someone doing the wrong thing you can click the block button which then gives you the option to report them.

Ok I’ll try thank you! Still need to know however how to report a mod. If possible.

If you were silenced it was probably for a legitimate reason. If you’re really upset about it you can contact support by clicking on your avatar.

You know, you’ve been so helpful no lie, I honestly think I’ll just give it another go and chalk it up to a mistake. Thank you so much!!! It’s unhealthy to harbor hatred.

I hope it works out for you? It was not a permanent silence was it?


No it was like 5 or 10 minutes. That’s why I said I won’t worry about it this time. However, if there is ever a next time, I have screenshots from this last time proving innocence and I’ll make sure to keep taking them if I feel threatened so to speak lol. (threatened is not the right word but I’m tired)

We two automatic chat moderation systems that can issue silences for spamming or swearing. If you aren’t sure why you were silenced, send in a support ticket and the team can check the logs and let you know!

Similar thing has been happening to me today.
My messages keep getting deleted from the chat, sometimes almost instantly after posting so I think there was some sort of Bot out to get me.
Other people talked about all sorts of nonsense (some clearly inappropriate) and yet their messages stayed, but all my messages got removed quicksmart. No cursing or anything in my messages. So what in the world was causing that?

That’s a bug that PB hasn’t fixed. It’s older than Kim Possible :eyes:


They’re not. If you close and reopen chat, it should show for you. Worst case a game relaunch will.
As @Filadae_Djaq mentioned, very old bug (and annoying at worst)

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Miss spellingn hello and forgetting the o can get chat silienced sayin that hades is from hello without the o can get you chat silienced

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