How do I report people for harrassment?

I’m sick of people continuing to beg me to join their guilds, no matter how much I ignore them. How can I make them stop?

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You can block them, or you can ask them to stop.


That happened to me too earlier this week.
Someone I did not know sent me a PM asking me to join their Battlegroup.

I just closed the PM without responding.

You can turn off the ability of random people to message you unless you are friends in the settings menu.

Just turn “Other players need to be Friends to Private Chat” ON.


that doesn’t sound like harrassment :sweat_smile: I’d have thought a simple “sorry, I’m happy with my current guild” would be more polite :man_shrugging:


Unfortunately, it doesn’t end that way.

If you respond in any way, they take it as an invitation to open a dialogue and then it becomes harrassment.

I’m guessing what these people do is basically spam the message to everyone they can find.
I still don’t know how they found me, I don’t post in chat channels, so should have theorectically been chat invisible. :woman_shrugging:

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They usually pick recruitment targets from the contest/invasion score screens.

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Maybe report (not sure) and block them for being annoying

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