How Do You Add Images To Your Bio?

I’ve seen instances with images / gifs in bios, I just don’t know how to add them. Anyone know?

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You need to reach the next trust level. Do this my commenting on posts, getting likes, and giving them!


Oooooh, alright. Thank you for the help! :sweat_smile:

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  1. Quote any pictures/GIF, including your pictures/GIF.
  1. Copy that picture

    Note: The picture is enclosed with two square brackets “[]”, two parentheses “()” and an exclamation point “!
  1. Go to bios, paste it
  1. Save and check it



Ohhhhhhh. I thought they were talking about adding to your posts :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:! Ignore my comment @DeadCoolss, and listen to @ALDT !


Oh, okay! It’s alright, we all make mistakes :+1:

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Also, @ALDT, thank you for the help! ^^

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