How do you earn surge coins?

Hi guys.

Does anyone know how the amount of surge coins earned is worked out in endless surge?

I assumed it was directly linked to the total amount of points the guild scores but recently we have been earning more points than previously and our gold multiplier had been higher than ever but we are receiving lower amounts of surge coins than previously.

I can’t find anything that explains how the amount is calculated. Am I missing something really obvious?

@Polaris I still can’t find an answer to this, can you shed some light on it please?

U earn it based on how much points YOU get, not the guild but u receive 14 surge coins per big area cleared by your whole guild. And that’s how much u get.

Thanks @Prince_Tamatoa_III that’s good to know.

Update: Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be correct. After speaking to a few members of my guild we are all earning exactly the same amount of surge coins, regardless of how successful our individual efforts have been.

It just doesn’t seem to be consistent from day to day so it would be great to have some clarity on how they are calculated. Either way I would say we are earning around 30% fewer coins than we did when the old surge style was running.

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