How do you select Invasion lineups?

I see suggestions for Invasion teams, not just by color, but by week even. I haven’t been able to determine why it changes per week though, could anyone explain why one red/blue/yellow Invasion might differ from the next? And why some characters get used pretty much all the time regardless of color/week? Any advice would be much appreciated!

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Because some heroes are only useful in their own team invasions (like Scrooge, the Queen of Hearts, Mim, etc.) and some heroes have their uses in multiple invasions (like Stitch [Ma], Animal [Go], Mr. Incredible [El]).


What is usually comes down to is skills and their mechanics.

Animal, for example, works in all invasions because his main use is speeding up his allies using his white skill and his Gonzo disc. Neither of these are affected by level so even if he is hundreds of levels lower than his allies (which he will be during an invasion when his allies are receiving boosts but he isn’t) his ability to spend up his allies doesn’t change at all.

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The short answer is that it normally doesn’t. Sometimes a new hero comes along that allows for a new, possibly better team, but typically that doesn’t happen very often. We just went through a very unusual period where (thanks to oversights on PerBlue’s part) we’ve had two heroes introduced who, until they were corrected/nerfed, allowed for very effective bot teams regardless of which color week it was, as well as one bot slayer who was unintentionally broken but who should be back to normal now (we hope).

I expect the usual cycle has been restored, though, and we’re back to Gizmoduck teams for red week, Pleakley teams for blue week, and Mim teams for yellow week.

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It was easy with wasabi’s disk but now he’s nerfed or “fixed” as the devs would say, way too much to even bother using him. But for now it’s pleakley, incredible 5* disk and gizmo. (Still think Wasabi nerf is astronomical when you reach bigger bots cause even at 5* syndrome disk, he hits awfully low)

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Because some heroes are only useful in their own team invasions (like Scrooge, the Queen of Hearts, Mim, etc.)

So, in the case of QoH, her issue is that her abilities are level-dependent? So if a person did have her leveled, would that become irrelevant making her more useful in other Invasions as well?

No, you have to go past the level cap in Invasion to make progress, that’s why there are power-ups. There is only a slight chance for a specific hero to get power-ups for themselves in a different invasion.

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