How does this perk work?

The newest update added a new guild perk on guild level 4. How does this perk work exactly? @Polaris

As a guild leader I’d like to know before investing in it. Guild perk descriptions are more than scarce in general.
Will the 3% remain in every stage if you level up this perk?

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If you unlock it then anyone in your guild will get twice the amount of loot from chapter 1 of the normal campaign 3 out of every 100 times they complete a level (on average).
As you upgrade the perk they will have a 3 in 100 chance of double loot from higher chapters.


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His answer is spot on, it’s exactly what it does.

Why the anger towards someone answering your post perfect?? Anyway for your information only the yellow text in perks indicates the part that is upgradeable (like skills) in this case the chapter number.


I do not work for PerBlue.
I have not unlocked the perk.
I do not have a compulsion to answer every post on the forum.
I do however feel the responsibility to answer any posts that I feel I can bring assistance or clarity to (you know, the way forums are designed to work).
I acknowledge that your question was not posed to me personally. However, it wasn’t really posed to anyone specifically was it? At least not until you edited it to direct it to Polaris.
I also went to university but didn’t enjoy it so I dropped out.
I answered the way I did because I can read and the perk is really very self explanatory (I thought so at least but clearly you thought otherwise so I tried to explain it in simpler terms).

The short version of all of that is that I was trying to help you and you chose to be exceptionally rude to me in response. So in future I won’t bother.

All the best.
Love you.


If it was self explanatory how it works in higher level up of stages no one would pose questions. And you addmited that you haven’t even unlocked the perk.

@Emitz There’s no explanation that yellow text in perks are upgradable as you assume.

They do not assume at all. All perks work this way.

There is a compulsion obviously :wink:.

It certainly seems that way doesn’t it?

How about this then? I will agree to fight my uncontrollable compulsion and say no more on this thread if you agree to stop being rude, aggressive or angry to anyone who is trying to help you?

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So just to check (I didn’t finish university remember) is that a “no” to our deal?
That makes me super duper sad.

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While it’s an odd thing to reference in the first place, I don’t think you’re quite grasping the meaning of that particular badge. Though after reading this thread, that doesn’t come as much surprise :stuck_out_tongue:

No need to be rude to people who are trying to help.


Yeah, you really haven’t understood how the badges work I’m afraid. You should consider requesting some sort of compensation from your university, they have done you a disservice.
You think that I have received a total of 2 likes on all of my posts. Did it not occur to you that on this very thread, one of my posts has received 3 likes?

Click this link and count them, let me know (I’d be very interested)

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Do me a favor and keep spamming, buddy. Helps to keep this thread alive.
I don’t need to ask my university for a compensation bc in my country university is usually free of cost. You just need to care for your livelihood in form of rent and groceries.

That explains a lot.

I’ve locked this thread because it went way off the rails. This is a community - a place for players to ask questions and get help from other players (and me, but also other players). Please be kind to each other.