How is my team so far? (F2p, vip 2)

I dont remembee how long its been since i played but its probably been a little over a week so everyone at he very least b2. All skils except ron have been upgraded to 40+ thanks to the temporary vip 5 thing.

Ian lightfoot

Ron stoppable


Captain hook

My boy nick wilde

Ian seems to carry his team a lot for his constant aoe damage.

Ron and ka prevents movement and dps

Captain hook is my psuedo tank because of his invincibility during his white skill.

Nick wilde charms making the opposing team do even less attacking plus nick my bae…

Sadly i couldnt fit jack, woody or judy hops in my team.

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It’s Decent guess

But I think you should replace captian hook

Not because he the worst but because he more study based and your team mostly deals Fantastic Damage

Othe than that good team and the more you rank them up the better they will become

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