How probable is the addition of character storage?

I made the most foolish mistake yesterday in attempting to upgrade Milo Thatch to 6stars.
Against my better judgement, I used every diamond crate I had in the hopes of getting enough Milo chips to get his star level maxed out.

What I got in exchange was the forced unlocking of the 3 characters I hate most and very few Milo chips.

So I need to know for certain now, will they ever add a feature to hide or store unwanted characters?

I know Disney Magic Kingdoms allows you to store unwanted unlocks to remove them from the game, so why doesn’t this one?


well, you don’t have to work on them :man_shrugging: I’ve got lotssssss of unused, unleveled heroes at the bottom of my list. Some of them very old!

I think such a feature is unlikely :stuck_out_tongue:


Very unlikely. You don’t have to upgrade those heroes…

This game is very different from DMK. I play DMK, and the only reason that you can store characters is because there are very many characters. Also, having 200 characters out would cause the game to crash. Also, another
reason you can store characters is because some are useless atm and unnecessary.

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My main gripe is that the game keeps demanding they get upgraded, even if I ignore them completely.
Stupid fuschia exclamation marks.

I was also told that extra characters skews the drop rate from badge crates, pulling focus away from reds back down to greens and blues.

That logic doesn’t apply here? If they’re like level 20 whites, they’re both of those things.

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not if they are below Blue rank, and/or have all their badge slots filled :slight_smile:

That was for dmk

My reasoning is that to make sure only red badges drop from the badge crates, every character needs to be Orange8 with a full set of badges.
I have 114 unlocks that fit that criteria, it is literally not possible to bring all of them up to that limit.

This is the minimum level of the enemies I am encountering now:

A white level 20 is absolutely insignificant on this combat scale, hence why I said they’re not needed.

For the record, I’m only using 64 out of the 195 currently available.
That’s 131 unlocked characters who need to be hidden.

I don’t know who told you this but it’s not correct.

Heroes at White or Green (or Blue) rank don’t affect Badge Crate drops at all - you can leave them there.

Unwanted heroes above that rank must have all badges equipped or available, but their rank doesn’t matter at all. They can be any rank.

As long as the only open slots you have are for Red badges, and there are at least 10, you’ll only get Red badges.

If I open Badge Crates at the moment, I’ll only receive a badge for the heroes ranked Aladdin → Mother Gothel, since those are the only open slots and there are more then 10. Note the huge amount of whites and various other low ranks :stuck_out_tongue:

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It’s even said in the description.

3 years later… and outdated slightly

Can purple badges not dropping at all after level 200?
And orange badges after level 300.

@Nugget @Loutre

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