How To 3 Star Chapter 6 Elite( Star Catcher) Guide


Good day everyone,
This is for Challenge that requires you to 3* chapter 6 elite. In the video below I am showing “Flounder Station” which is the hardest one in chapter 6.
I’m in server 16, and since new servers are coming up. And some members on older servers are struggling with this quest I wanted to make a video for everyone.

Here is the video,
I’m very sorry if the voice or delivery is bad. I am here to answer any questions and make more videos for any other challenge you may request


Like 98% percent sure you are not supposed to advertise about youtube…


What should I do? I made the video specially for everyone needing help, writing would be kind of long.


Idk maybe it isnt an issue??


Just maximize your Heroes, it’s really as simple as that…


Hello, I am on S16 too. :smiley:
I just maximized the heroes that i will be using in order to finish this achievement, good thing that I still have few blue heroes left. Hahaha
Mickey helped a lot.

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I hope there’s no issue. As your video was really nice & informative. Your directions were direct & to the point.

Thank you for sharing.
Also on s16