How to Advance to High Tier Rewards in Invasion?

No matter how hard I try, I can’t seem to get past the 20th rewards tier for invasion. The first tier where you can get upgrades is tier 27. Those who are able to upgrade their mods will have an advantage over those who cannot. Are upgrades supposed to be so far out of reach that the only way to earn them is by spending money to max out your heroes? Or are there actually viable ways to reach those high level rewards tiers?

I’m F2P, at 14 levels below my server cap, just a few of my heroes are Red, of course not the same color…

But I have managed to stay on challenger rank for a few months , and completed all tiers as of now. So, I don’t think you need highest available level to complete Invasion. You just need time. And my guild is not that active about Invasion, just a few of us do

The thing you need for Invasion is, a right team. I don’t know how others do it, but for me, I always stay with a main 5 heroes, or other words, an only main team (with the same color). I always choose +5 for power-ups when it is one of them and only go with +1 when there is none of them as choices

Also, please bear in mind that, not all heroes is suitable for Invasion. They may be strong, yes, but not suitable. One specific example I can tell you is, Timon and Pumbaa. Yes, they may be essential in Arena, Coli, War and stuff, but for boss fights, they are useless. I did use them but had to switch them half way because their damage was puny. Most of our points are gained through Boss fights, so please choose the ones that can do ton of damage

One more thing, because boss fights have brute and skeleton, so please, choose your team wisely. You need Normal and Fantastic damage Dealers. Without any of them, you will do not as much as damage as you can

As for my tactic, I always try to do my best on the very first day. Earn every single tokens that I could, so that I could spend them later… Sadly, Invasion starts and finishes during my bed time so I have a lot to catch up. If you guild is active and Invasion starts when you are awake, with the right tactic, you could complete all the tiers

Lastly, may I ask, which teams do you use for Invasion?

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