How to block

I want to know how to block people

RinoRON has been very rude lately he sent me a Pm and then left without saying why. He was talking very rudely too saying that no one liked me. I dont know why he started to bully me like that but please can someon let me know how to block @RinoxeRONte

If my quick check is right you are the one who took on other’s username’s right?

Nothing meant rudely, just wanting to confirm :-).

And yeah, BlackBOY’s explanation should be enough to let you know how to block/mute someone.


Easy, go to your profile- Preferences- Users- and there you add the users you want to ignore

I never figured out how to block someone :man_shrugging:


I don’t believe that @Rinoxer0nte would do that.

He exaggerated. Yes, I did sent him a PM but I only left cause there was no more purpose on staying, I can/screenshot quote if ya want the truth.

If you want to do that then sure!


With screenshots is better



Yeah, I know

There @Thorn_The_Evil_Cat_Overlord

Well a lot of stuff happened as I see…

Yes and as you can see in his last reply he just blame people for stuff they didn´t do, like when he blamed Abu/Umar for passing the quotes from the lounge
And he blames BlackBOY too…

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