How to Deal With Dante?

Running into this pooch is anything but friendly - how exactly do you beat him? I’ve tried multiple lineups now to no success whatsoever. You can’t remove that first 10 seconds of ultimate invincibility, you can’t disable him without taking damage/getting KO’d, and he’s proceeding to one shot any team I put forward just by himself.

Which heros/teams are you using to successfully beat Dante in surge, etc? Any tips and strategies are greatly appreciated!


I just use my Kuzco with maxed Skills (besides Red), Yellow+0 ranked, and with the Carl disk unlocked. I’m not sure if others can beat Dante with a Kuzco that doesn’t have some of these things though.



I literally managed to take Dante down once in Arena, even though he was heavily underranked. Can’t 100% remember the team, but I guess those were Randall (Yz), Hades (Me), Joy (Ol), Ian (Go) and Drakken (Gi).
Theoretically Joy should be a pick against him, cause she doesn’t allow buff removal, so you could pick toons who outlast Dante’s purple. Not sure if it works though, I do not remember if Joy’s Red was fixed or not.
I also saw one of my guildmates taking Dante down with Kronk of all people possible. I guess outlasting his purple is the main strategy.
I wonder if FGM/Pooh’s Patch works against him, would be funny to see a couple of counters taken down :thinking:

That purple skill of his has GOT to go. It’s one thing to have a white skill that obliterates an entire team, but nobody should be able to do so, just by standing there for 10 seconds - especially if that buff can’t even be removed, and you can’t even control your heroes’ actions, aside from telling them when to use their white skills. And even then, you rarely get to choose the target.

Why couldn’t it just be a standard reflect, like Ian and Drakken have, or just the 10 second invincibility?

Teams built around Bagheera are a great counter to Dante lines. You basically need a defensive team that can survive the first 10 seconds without dying, after that Dante is as good as dead.

Try removing the invincibility buff with characters that removes buffs, like Tron for example. :slightly_smiling_face:


I’ve been able to beat Dante in Arena with a line-up of Drakken (Gi), Kermit (Go), Tron (Fl), Ian (Go) and Jim (Ia), with the help of the Reflect and Invincibility they provide


Thanks all - I didn’t realize the invincibility can be removed, in part due to heros not lasting long enough. I thought I saw somewhere on the forums it couldn’t be removed, apparently erroneously. Buffing Ian and Bagheera to help deal with him as well as some other issues I’m having in the main campaign.


I could’ve sworn I tried using Tron, only to end up failing, due to Tron dying right after using his buff removal.

You can’t remove or steal his invincibility.

But you also can’t copy it (with Kermit).

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It’s really a shame that invincibility can’t be unlocked, copied, or stolen.
What is going on with the nerves of the staff who make adjustments without thinking about such things?


They made it better that way. Otherwise purple would be useless.


Try to use Slinky dog as it provides shields which can help your team to prevent damage from Dante’s Run across the field

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I’ve gotten some success with Sisu, but it’s very luck based there and probably won’t work on auto.

With a maxed red skill, and enough of an energy boost, Sisu can reduce Dante’s skill power to the degree where he fails to meaningfully damage with his purple, as well as stack shields for defence.

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Ariel (GE) reduz 75% do dano verdadeiro

My heroes are mostly maxed out and the few heroes I can beat Dante with are ron, and the guy that looks like a bug. The tall yellow guy who looks like an Ant with wings or something. Sorry cant think of his name. I also find the gorilla useful with the disc that slows the last remaining player by 70%. This really helps with heroes that refuse to die. I use him and Animal in all 3 invasions no matter who else i use and color of invasion does not matter. My ant guy and my ron stoppable had slightly higher power levels when they beat dante so that might also make a difference in the outcome. Good luck hope that helps at least a little!

Paired with Bagheera, would make a pretty good combo

King Louis isn’t a gorilla I’m afraid

Hopper is higher than an ant you know

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