How to defeat a Scar/Simba&Nala combo

I’ve seen some crazy friendship battles, but this one from Linguini&Remy/Swedish Chef has to be truly ridiculous:

Pleakley is instantly charmed, Scar prowls/silence roars and then the tumble attack begins.
There is literally no time to react before the entire team is wiped out and definitely no time to build energy to counterattack!

Given that the collective power of my team 7 times their power, this should not be happening!!! :rage: :no_entry_sign: :woman_shrugging: :sob:

  1. Is it possible to use Linguini’s active at the stsrt of the wave, before S&N’s charm?
  2. Maybe upgrade Pleakley so he has a sufficient amount of evasion

Its wave 1, you can’t gain 1000 energy in the 2 seconds it takes for Simba to charm
Like what Djaq said, if you can get pleakley to evade or dodge the charm somehow, you’ll probably end up winning

Oh :man_facepalming:

I didn’t notice :sweat_smile:

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Alternatively, don’t bring Pleakley. Let Linguini get charmed. What’s he gonna do?


Tried that too:


They lasted a bit longer, but still didn’t endure enough to survive the tumble attack.

To be honest, I decided to give up on this friendship and choose another.
It is after all, optional content and I don’t need to be intentionally frustrating myself by attempting it every time with the same result.

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Thats ridiclous

Thank you!

Forwarded the data to TechSupport, the response was different from my usual reports:

Normally they try to offer potential gameplay solutions, this time they did not.
Which could mean there is actually a serious problem that needs to be fixed.

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