How to defeat Baymax?

Whenever I fight Baymax his green skill always ends up killing around 3 different heroes everytime, what’s the best counter to him doing that?

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Team-wide armor buff. Timon & Pumbaa would probably be the simplest solution; building up Shank(Va) may be the best solution, but is time- and/or resource-intensive. There’s a few other heroes that grant a team-wide armor buff at the start of combat (Including, amusingly, Baymax(WA)).

  • *Shank (Va): She has very high armor and can share 75% of her armor with her allies
  • Fear(An): per stack of Dread gain Armor to all allies. Purple Skill. Can be immune to freezing for the first 2 seconds in each wave in Red Skill.
  • Miguel(Je): The Jessie Disc gives both Armor and Reality to all allies.
  • *Timon&Pumbaa(Si): Green Skill increases armor for all allies and Purple Skill is immune to Crit.
  • *Baymax(Wa): use Baymax against Green Skill baymax,
  • Kristoff(Ki): Green Skill increases power skill for all allies when Sven is in combat. This makes the *'heroes even give bonus Armor or Shield.

From what I saw, Darkwing is also a great pick. He dodges Baymax’s entrance pretty much every time, with Baymax having literally zero tools to counter him.
But if survival is the main goal, yes, Timon and Pumbaa seem to be the best. However, it should be said that they need need more Green Skill mods, cause Baymax has big numbers AND his entrance can be modded as well.

What works for me is the combo Shego, Ian (GO), Meg (SH), where the reflect can help you.

But I agree that Baymax has become quite strong…

Wow, it just seems that’s the sole purpose of hero refreshes!
Who could suspect.

Shank alone makes Baymax’s damage go down so much it does nothing.
Even weakest allies are alive.

This is against maxed Baymax paired with Kristoff.
And Manticore is Y10!

Without Kristoff, even Launchpad is enough to counter Baymax’s damage.

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