How to defeat Wave 3 in Port 7D?

I’ve tried everything I can think of to defeat Wave 3 in Port 7D and have failed every single time. :sob: :rage:

Considering I have sent my best team into this mission several times, I find it inexplicable/frustrating they have not succeeded even once, considering some of them are more powerful then their opponents:

So what strategy/team combination is required to defeat wave 3?

And I hope matching the opponents from my selection is not what is required to get past this.

Because I am not upgrading characters I am not using to Red 9 and unlocking Red Skills for them just for one mission. :no_entry_sign:

Timon and Pumbaa are the safest way to beat Mulan so I’d say get at least them up. You’ll need them a lot anyway.

You can skip Megavolt and Hook if you want, they’re good but not particularly OP


It’s mostly the shield that gives me trouble, the entire enemy group gets shielded from somewhere and my Mulan’s damage spike can’t get through it.

Then my team gets iced one by one and it’s game over.

I can never decide who to stun first, whomever I pick, it’s never the right choice…

You’ll want to upgrade T&P in any case, from 2.5 they are about to be the most used PVP hero in the game.

Rather than upgrading additional heroes to beat one level, though - just continue upgrading your current ones / whoever you like, and at some point they will be strong enough :stuck_out_tongue:

Used almost all my stamina reserves to do this in the hopes she would tip the balance away from failure to success:

Unfortunately, the result was exactly the same, failure. :sob: :rage:

I’m starting to think the enemy team is overpowered in a way my best characters cannot be, Red Skills and maxed out Friendship discs.
If that is true, nothing I do makes a difference, they’ll never be in an equal fight.

Starting to think I’ll have to get them up to something like Level 235 Red 20 to finally overpower this enemy team.

Or work on Shang if you need to survive Mulan.

Work on Tron

Get some good defense. Using only Baymax won’t cut it. Use Shang.

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Plan B:

Violet and Kristoff (Red Upgraded).

Plan C:

Disgust, Angel and Mushu silencing the enemies so they can’t use their skills.

I am going to have to be very particular about who I upgrade, since Red Upgrading costs a lot of Stamina (for badges) and I used all that I had on Jasmine and Elsa.
It’ll probably be months before I have enough Stamina for Violet and Kristoff.
Uncertain if I’ll ever have enough for Disgust, Angel and Mushu.

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