How to defeat?

What heroes should I use to defeat this team?


I dont think you should do Epic CW with attack speed reduction ward, man…

Do you have some/most of your heroes full charged energy?

Felix randall Donald duck magica joy is
Team xd :laughing:

I was stupid enough to enter the Epic City Watch with wards like that.

How do you defeat these teams, they’re all contest winning whales, they all have crazy mods,
they all have randall/meta heroes; they’re all over leveled. How the heck do I beat this when I can’t do anything but damage them, and then there’s attack speed reduction by 50%

Absolutely asinine.

I wasted 35 keys on this trash. I’d like to see Perblue staff take this on.


Same here Yomi! I wish that PB did their own city watch teams and not based on other their teams!


I’m on server 9, just entered an epic city watch with Enemies have shields and can’t be disabled. First team…Jafar r4 4* Duck and Buny R3 5* Beast R5 6* Goofy R4 4* and Randal PURPLE 4*. I couldn’t beat anyone on that team even with a full 160 Max skills R5 6* team of Scrooge HDL Launchpad Darkwing and Donald (Big DuckTales fan). I even tried borrowing a character from a guild and borrowed her R5 6* Merlin Max level and skills. Still couldn’t beat them…wasted 35 keys. Perblue needs to address this. I am going to tank myself in arenas just to make it easier on me which I shouldn’t have to do.

Facts right here! Everyone in my server uses Elsa, Merida and Gonzo so it’s SO DAMN ANNOYING to have to fight them OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN. It’s BORING and NOT FUN


Yet another Randall team impossible to fight in CW!:unamused::unamused:

porfabor funcione disney heroe

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