How to Get a Regular Rank

Since the Great Spam, it’s taking a while for people to gain there regular rank back. I don’t know if had one but it does not hurt to ask: How do i get a regular rank?

There’s a minimum amount of likes you have to give out, you need to read a majority of the new topics on the forum each week, you can’t have more than a few posts that were flagged as inappropriate, and you have to have been around for a long enough amount of time.

There’s a link to the main discourse site, which explains how to get and keep regular, let me go find it.

EDIT: here it is.


But it’s not just me i’m worried about. As i said, it’s taking some formers who regularly post a while to earn their regular status back.

Don’t worry. There have been people that lost their Regular and eventually got it back. It just takes a couple months.


It took me 3 months to get it. I lost it after a few people, so I will now that I will get it soon when those people get it back. In order to get regular, you just should try not to get flagged and also be active, so like at least checking in (not necessarily posting) almost every day.

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