How to level you heroes the fastes?

I’m a bit stuck as I’m trying to level all my heroes to lvl hundred and rank oranges, but I find it takes too long to level many of them. I run out of EX points fast when I level an 80 to 90, and it takes all of my stamina to get purple and oranges badges. Any tips on how to get them faster.

Save your access stamina and only used it up when there is Double Drop Campaign for Normal. or, if you dont want to wait for it, usually there is the item to activate the double drop for 24hours.

Wait for Monday and try to collect all the stars in Weekly quest to get the biggest rewards. You’re most likely to get a useful consumable like a stamina reset cost, Double Team XP or hero XP, etc. Alternatively, ask your guild to buy the Double team XP and save it for Monday when your “Payday” comes. (It means u get a lot of stamina)

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Thanks for telling me ways to get badges though I don’t see any tips on how to lvl my heroes the quickest or how to get more XP drinks

For More XP drinks There exists Mega Mart

That costs a lot of diamonds. But u can also buy mini, grande and mega XP drinks at the other shops and the main market. Buying from the other shops (ie Surge, Arena, City Watch, etc.) These are the prices and quantity for buying these types of drinks:

Mini and Grande x80 Cost: 400
Mega x5 Cost: 250

The following prices are paid in shop tokens that can be collected via doing City watches, heists, surge, claiming arena and coliseum rewards and winning wars as well as doing daily tasks for war.

200 Diamonds…is tooo Much :flushed:

If u don’t save. The last I saw for my mega Mart deals to buy 30+ drinks costs more than 300 diamonds.

Your other factor to worry about buying drinks from the mega Mart is that you’re attracted by other deals (ie. Skill chips, hero chips, badge bits and stamina). The best and cheapest options is to buy from the market as they will definitely sell it and it refreshes now and then. So it should be fine. IMO, by the way. It’s not guaranteed the best option for u.

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