How to make use of jack (and sally)

So I really want to work on some heroes for Halloween and I thought of jack and sally, but I’ve heard they are bad so I have a question, how do I make them useful?

I think you have to get their red skills, but I don’t know any other ways…


Sally absolutely needs her Tia disc with 5 stars, then turn off auto.

For Arena :neutral_face:

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I’d say you need Mike with maxed red skill, Nick, and Sparrow.

Heard That Jack(Red skill) is pretty nice for scare teams

Which is why Mike is a nice addition…

I have seen Sally with red skill being REALLY annoying in some comps. Add Hades, Tron, and a few hardy givers, and her cloud will just get rid of everyone. Basil with Mushu disk can work too for protection.

For Example:

Second Fight:
I ve lost because Kevin and Li were were too weak to withstand damage !!! however, You could see how much damage Mike and Jack contributed to the fight !!!

Third Fight against Queen of Area :))

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