How to remove from Private Message conversations?

Just to know in case I am sent unwanted Private Messages, how exactly do I opt out of the conversation?

I could not find the option or any information on how to use it, so where is it?

Go In chat settings! And Enable People need to be friend for Private Chat

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Scroll up in the message and there´s one option that says “Add or remove” then an “X” will appear next to your name, click there and will be out of the PM

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Wait, you mean in the forums or in the game?

In case it was in the game: just block the person that is trying to talk to you.

Or go to settings and note that only friends and guild members can contact you privately

On the forums.
I am testing the procedure, but can’t find the X.

Also, does opting out purge the messages or do they stay in the PM inbox?

Blocking ingame is much easier.




Pretty easy.


Here’s a screenshot of the place where you can remove yourself:

And here are settings to control who can send you messages:

This is per user

This can just shut down PM’s totally


Thanks for the advice everyone.
Hopefully I will not have to use it in the future, but wanted to be prepared just in case I have to.

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