“I am Speed” (character concept)

Lightning McQueen
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“I am Speed”
Role: Control
Team: Red

Entrance: Lightning drives in, smiling
Defeat: Lightning slams his wheel on the floor, angrily.
Win: Lightning smiles at you with a beam of light behind him

Basic attack: Lightning bumps into the enemy

White skill: Ka-Chow!
Lightning McQueen flashes and stuns all of his enemies with his stickers. The flash will only work on the enemies in front of him. The stun always works. The flash will also not work if the enemy is higher level then him. If the same level, it’ll work.

Green skill: Overdrive
Lightning makes smoke, blinding his enemies. The smoke always works against enemies.

Blue Skill: Doc Hudson’s teachings
Lightning’s McQueen’s allies are boosted with 20.5 basic damage and 50% attack speed for 10 seconds. The same for a Lightning McQueen. McQueen can only do this every 8 seconds.

Purple Skill: The big jump

On the final wave, Lightning jumps into the air and lands on the farthest enemy. This does Fantastic Damage. This also does 5000 damage. If an arena or coliseum fight, where there is only one fight, Lightning will jump into the air. Similarly to Aladdin’s Carpet ride.


Lightning McQueen and Dash
Speed Mentor
Dash’s “Swift strike” now does 300 more damage

Lightning McQueen and Shank
Speed rivals
Lightning McQueen’s Ka-Chow! will always blind the enemy

If you have any other friend suggestions, tell me in comments


Cool dude yeet

I think His basic attack would just be Him bumping into the enemies like how Duke Caboom does. I don’t see why you would want a hero with a skill that is only useful against higher level heroes.

Got it. I’ll change it ina sec


Only the white skill is good on higher level but also on who is im front him so this set is good that it can be set for lighting mcqueen in case its added and lighting can have disc with shank as racer and raceing car

Yes. That’s right. Shank drives race cars

Well he should be added that is neet

I got another idea if you need duke caboom could maybe befiend lighting after he hearing about the big jump lighting mcqueen done the disc could realte to the purple skill

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I would like to see him in a future update.

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Why is he being flagged? He did nothing wrong.

I don’t knoe if I want ligjting mcquwwn speeding into here!