I am unable to hire any hero even the ones


That don’t have a cooldown. There needs to be better instruction for newbies. Are their level limits? Am I only able to hire heroes that I have personally unlocked? Help please. TYIA


It says when you try to hire them that you can’t if they’re above your level. That and you need to have the money are the only limits


Any Hero that is shown in bright col ors without a giant lock over them should be usable. But as was already mentioned each takes gold. If you r lvl is lowest in your guild then possible you cannot hire any heroes.

The reason these forums are here is to answer the questions of both the noobs and the pros! :grin: but it would be nice if you read the ingame text as it explains some stuff.


Just to add to that, there is an option when hiring heroes to show you only those that you can hire… And if you are the lowest level member of your guild, ask a fellow member to put up a hero of your level so you can hire them for the daily objective…


I read everything I could find. It’s much easier to read that than to put up with trolls that make rude comments.


cough cough are you calling me a troll?