I didnt receive my bundle

I bought a chip bundle for 80 olaf chif for 1440 diamonds but i didnt received my chip, what can i do?

There should be a chest in your in-game inbox with them in. If it’s not there then raise it with support.

There isnt any chest, how can i contact the support? Thanks!

You can tap on your icon on the homescreen bottom left corner at the bottom where it says support click on it then on the top right write a ticket (it looks like an email)

Thx, ive done that waiting for a response

When you buy a diamonds bundle, it doesn’t go through the game mailbox. When you tap buy, and then confirm it, the crate opens there, and the items are delivered to your inventory.

Yep, but this time nothing was delivered and the diamonds was taken

We log all transactions, so support will be able to tell you what happened.

They still havent responded, i hope by today i will have my chips or a refound, thx anyway, good to see help in the forum!

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Now they said that ive bought a 1440 disk power bundle lol

Well you can go on the community support and ask and for future purchases please check you’re wifi or any means by which you use the internet!

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