I don’t understand

Maybe you could tell me what chapter you are at in the game?
That might help some.

14 chapter

Chapter 14

It’s ok if u can’t help

I see so yeah, relatively early still :-).

So you know that in the Normal Campaign you get badges to equip for your characters right?
Some stages give out badges that will be important in the future, while others won’t be off importance in the future as much, so the badge grind spot collection are for stages that gives out more than 1 or 2 badges that you will still need in the future.

So yeah, some badges are valuable and the picture I posted shows many needed badges for high level rank/grinding so it is to help people get more out of their stamina badge wise by knowing where the best grind spots are :-).

(Mostly just took a while to type :-). ).

Ok and how do I get vip

By getting VIP rings. So buying deals or using Tapjoy/Fyber

How do I do that??? Srry if I sound stupid

Srry if I sound stupid

I also tried and it says it not available

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I am srry I am so stupid

Srry ghat I am stupid

You don’t have to repeat yourself

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