I don’t understand

Hello I have a few things I don’t understand in the game!!

And what are these? Feel free to ask questions, I’m sure people here will be able to help you :slightly_smiling_face:

Why don’t they give out more vip rist bands

Because PerBlue wants to make money so you get basically nothing for free. If you don’t want to pay, then you can use the offers from Fyber or Tapjoy. You get to them when entering videos.

I tried those and they didn’t work

I tried those and they didn’t work for me

Then I can’t help with that :man_shrugging:t3:

I have more questions

Like um how do I get to a red hero

And ur helpful and your helpful

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After promoting a hero to Orange+8 you can promote them to Red

Oh and I wish there was a feature to about add bagese and stuff

Pls read my other comment

Yes there will be! Power promoting. Only it’s available at VIP 5. For skills, the slider and max button is already out. Red skill slider will be coming on Tuesday! Always read the patch notes. So you’re fully aware of any new upgrades, amendments and whatever important stuff.

I am not a vip. And I want it how do I get it

I am not a vip member. And I want to get it

While this isn’t something VIP related and something you can get usage out of now, which are good grind spots and these are some of the best grind spots in the game you see :-).

You might be a bit lower level for the ones mentioned here, but I could make a low level good badge grind spot collection if you would like me to :-).

What do u mean

Not all stages are equal in value, some stages gives out more badges one need compared to other stages :-).

Like to say you can get 2 badges for the price of 1 badge more easily for example.

I am still confused

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