I Frames? When, When Not, and Sometimes Why?


I’ve played for 2 to 3 months on s16. I’m trying to understand these characters in depth zo I can make better teams.
So far I’ve noticed some toons become invincible during certain moves. I’m aware of Jack Sparrow (when he does the hat animation, and maybe pre counter), Judy, Violet, and Merida. I can understand Judy since it’s a rez, but why do these other toons do this (from a concept perspective since they dont do it in their movies)?
With that being said, I’ve seen a few glitches with their moves from time to time. During screen slows of whites, are they supposed to be invincible the WHOLE TIME? (This happens alot with Zurgs white.) Violets is the most common because she’s on every team in arena. Sometimes my team wont attack her while she’s visible.
So when are they SUPPOSED to be invincible and when are they not? Kinda getting confused here.


Omg, the iframes in this game are so infuriating

I guess I can get behind characters who self buff after certain conditions are met - so Mr Incredible, Merida, Jack Sparrow, Shank and Queen of Hearts. They have to complete their animations first, so I guess it’s to avoid few things that could’ve happen if they weren’t invincible.

But why are Jack Jack, WALL-E and Alice getting iframes as soon as they use their white skills? Completely illogical and unintuitive


I wouldn’t say they are illogical and unintuitive.
Jack-Jack: How would you hit a bouncing baby?
no seriously, how would the game handle hit detection on him? he is moving throughout the skill and the attack causes flinching.
WALL-E: unless it was changed, WALL-E isn’t actually invincible. Same problem here with hit detection, except WALL-E can actually die during his ult if he is reduced to 0HP during it (Damage over time)
And Alice: She is the most logical to gain Iframes in terms of avoiding really weird bugs and stuff. No telling what will happen if she gets knocked back mid-Super. (And besides, is it all together that bad? These characters can’t normally attack either except for whatever skill they are already using.)

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Alice is invincible because she is eating a cookie. WALL-E is invincible because she is pulling out his thing. Jack Jack is invincible because HE’S STANDING STILL.

Once their ults start having effect, sure, let them have it. Not the problem.


By these comments then I think others could benefit more. Dash for one, buzz, and most others who have rapid movement lol.
I’m not for or against iframes since there are pros and cons to each side. I just need to know what’s going on sometimes, especially with toons who are new to me for the most part.
So it looks like I’m just mainly getting glitches with Violet. I hate her now. Also Jack Sparrow when he starts up his counter. Alice isnt on my server. Wall E I didnt even notice because the freeze.
Anyone else have glitches with these toons?


Anyone else think that Mike takes the longest time to activate his white skill…

He be like:

eats microphone

gets hit be five baisc attacks

still chewing

gets hit by five more

cannot burp cuz he is getting hit repeatedly.


Lol I hate his white. He doesnt even freeze the screen. Poor dude.


Yes sometimes It’s terrible, but in a way it makes sense.
(Apologies in advance for this part in case anyone finds it disgusting) Lets say you want to burp and you really close on releasing it. All of the sudden from behind your unsettling jerk best friend slaps on the back or shakes you up like you were a bobble head, what happens next is either you still manage and let it out, or you get stuck on the stomach with a knot until you wait for the second round.
Almost kind of what happens here in a sort of way, Mike got do it fast or the burp gets interrupt by secondary hands while getting ready for the big bomb.
Prompts on Mike for this one, it isn’t easy to focus while getting attacked in that situation.:laughing:

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