I Have A New Plan, R2 (Unlikely Concept 16/20)

R2-D2 and C-3PO (Duo Team), :star: :star:, Damage, Frontline.
Team Trials: Yellow.
C-3PO: “I have a bad feeling about this.”
R2-D2: “Beep bop.”
Bio: R2-D2 and C-3PO are robots that crashed on the planet of Tatooine, to be found shortly after by Luke Skywalker.
Entrance: C-3PO walks in with R2-D2 rolling in behind him.
Victory: C-3PO cheers while R2-D2 drives around in circles.
Defeat: They both malfunction.
Basic Attack: C-3PO hits an enemy while R2-D2 rams into an enemy, dealing X damage.

White Skill: Crash Landing.
Fantastic Damage✨
R2 and C-3PO both hop into a space pod, then fly into the sky, shortly after, they crash down on the opposing team, dealing X damage and stunning the opposing team for 6 seconds.

Green Skill: Analyzing Data.
R2 scans (studies) the nearest enemy for 5 seconds, then R2 and C-3PO gain a shield that lasts for 5 seconds after R2 studies.

Blue Skill: C-3PO Panic.
True Damage🥇
C-3PO panics and runs around, then reruns over enemies, dealing X damage and scaring those enemies.

Purple Skill: Titanium Space Pod.
R2 and C-3PO’s white skill deals 55% more damage.

Red Skill: I Have A Bad Feeling About This.
Blue skill deals 75% more damage.
-X% more Armor.
-X% more Speed for 25 seconds.
-X% more Defense for 30 seconds.

Friendship 1: R2-D2/C-3PO and Gizmoduck.
Campaign Story: Robot Rampage. “R2-D2 and C-3PO have teamed up with Gizmoduck to stop the bad guys from taking over the city.”
Allies: Goliath, Joy, Anger.
Disk: Jam To The Robotics.
Basic attack does knockback

Friendship 2: R2-D2/C-3PO and Luke Skywalker.
Campaign Story: The Rise Of Skywalker. “R2-D2 and C-3PO have teamed up with Luke Skywalker to go on a perilous adventure.”
Allies: Minnie, Donald, Kevin Flynn.
Disk: Repair And Reload.
Shield granted after study is now 9 seconds long.

Extra Bonus:
This… shudders Jar Jar Binks funko pop,

and the Movie Moments #222 R2-D2 and C-3PO funko pop!

If you enjoyed this, that is good. :slightly_smiling_face:


Let me fix that for you

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Overall great concept of my two favorite droids

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God dang, that is creepy.

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and thank you for feedback

The newer one looks way better

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That looks way better and cooler.

There is a chancellor palpatine funko and it looks awesome

this is like the best concept i have seen from you

wow, those look awesome

Thank you.

I’ve got a Jabba funko

Me too! It is very big.

Oh I got the regular one

I have the large one.

Oh okay, I also got a cad bane funko pop


That’s awesome

Yeah, I like the Slave Leia and the little animal too.

Oh yeah saloucious, I got a robot shoulder animal version of him at galaxy’s edge this year (I went before covid really struck)

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