I hear a voice (An unlikely concept)

Blind Pew
1-star, Midline, Support

Desc: And old pirate, old friend of Flint’s. Cunning and greedy. Will do anything for money. Atrocious temper. Not married.
Source: Treasure Island (1988)
“It’s okay, Billy, stay where you are. I can’t see you but I can hear your fingers trembling.”

Entrance: walks at the arena while checking it with his cane.
Blind Pew entrance

Basic attack: see passive.

Victory: demonstrates his rewards.
Blind Pew victory

Defeat: rolls his cane into a knot.
Blind Pew defeat

White skill: Tragic story of Bobby
Damage type: Fantastic

Passive: Blind Pew starts the match Blinded. This debuff does not expire, but can be removed.
Instead of dealing damage with his basic attack, Blind Pew listens to enemy movements, gaining Energy and giving all allies in a small area nearby “Precise” for 4 seconds.
Active: Blind Pew hits a drum three times, dealing X damage with each hit and increasing his allies’ attack speed by 80% for 6 seconds.

Green skill: Pull your hand
Damage type: True

After 8 seconds of combat, Blind Pew gives a black spot to the Most Wanted enemy. This enemy gets Shattered till the end of the wave.
If this debuff gets removed, the enemy receives 100% of their max HP as true damage.
Shatter apply has a chance to fail against enemies above level X.

Blue skill: Search for papers

Blind Pew points at the enemy team, studying them for 5 seconds. Blind Pew and his allies receive 50 Energy every time they damage a studied enemy.
Bonus Energy has a chance to fail when attacking enemies above level X.

Purple skill: Ready for siege

Blind Pew gets X Armor and X Reality for each Precise ally.
While Precise, allies get 100 Energy instead of 50 with “Search for papers”.

Red skill: The job is done

When Blind Pew activates “Pull your hand”, the cooldown for “Search for papers” gets reduced by 3 seconds till the end of the wave.
Blind Pew gives X Basic Damage to his allies when the enemy marked with “Pull your hand” gets KO’d.
+X Skill Power
+X Evasion
+X damage to “Tragic story of Bobby”

Friendship disks

Blind Pew/Governor Ratcliffe
“Sailor rush”, Drums give more buffs
+X Armor to Blind Pew and allies
“Tragic story of Bobby” gives X Basic Damage to allies
“Tragic story of Bobby” has a 20*S% chance to remove all slows from Blind Pew and allies

Blind Pew/The Sheriff of Nottingham
“A penny for a beggar”, Bonus Energy
+X Max HP
+X Skill Power
Blind Pew gets 2*S Energy every time he receives a buff

Wait hold up. Isn’t that from Treasure Planet 1980?

Nope, this Blind Pew was taken from Treasure Island 1988. Or 1986, as it was separated into two parts.

I noticed it because the quote reminded me of how Dr Livesey was introduced

Exactly, as they are from the same series of the same studio.

Yep. Especially the walk

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