I know not associated with pb, but have they disabled theorem surveys?

I am just wondering if theorem surveys have been disabled? For a few weeks now I have not done any surveys becuase when try to go on it says all eaten up. It’s the only way to earn gems as an Apple user so it’s very annoying when it doesn’t work especially for a ftn that just keeps decreasing it’s scoring system in gems when we are not getting more daily gems via checkins or daily videos? Really should be another way to earn for Apple users, as other platforms can earn in other ways. How is that fairness to all players as you guys say is important to you as developers when one platform can’t and others can (I don’t think u find it important but just tell us that to make us back off personally).


Same here lol

There was a lawsuit with tapjoy about not paying out what was promised. Maybe same with the surveys

Maybe, would be nice to know though if was the case, or even better there was a way to earn more via game features only like increase for guild checkins, watch more daily videos, etc.

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