I’m back from vacation

So I just came back from my trip to Nigeria and I’ll be real I was so tired because there were too many people to greet I didn’t get to finish Chip and Dale for the sign in hero for December due to the lack of Wi-fi but I was able to unlock Sisu and react with y’all for some time


I actually remember seeing your post saying you were going there. Welcome back. There is something to note with you being back however. Sisu’s green skill is bugged, it does fantastic damage when its supposed to do normal damage. This creates a roadblock in her Friendship campaign with Mushu, due to a skelebone warrior. This topic has been addressed by pretty much everyone, and is scheduled to be fixed in the next update

Welcome back, i guess?.

I don’t think Chip and Dale is good

Might as well just collect them regardless, they are sign-in after all.

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